Lessons Earned: Water Heaters

    Lessons Earned: Water Heaters
Authors Charles Gonnermann Jr,CH Gonnermann III
Year 2013
Publication Charles H Gonnermann Jr; 1 edition (September 27, 2013)
Pages 51 pages
Size 815 KB
Format EPUB
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The Domestic Water Heaters chapter focuses on solving performance problems in mechanical/ plumbing construction while providing a “How To” approach to avoid problems in the first place. The domestic water heaters chapter is a compilation of decades of experiences from dozens of individuals and firms that represents all aspects of the business of designing and installing systems and figuring out why sometimes they don’t work as expected.This chapter includes illustrations, drawings and photographs. It will help your business if you buy it, read it, and apply it. THIS AND ALL CHAPTERS HAVE A VERY RAPID ROI!!!!!!!!Problems with water heaters are covered and a logical thought process designed to achieve project objectives is provided that enables the solution of each problem. These topics are not included in design manuals.You need this chapter if you can’t answer the following: How can instantaneous water heaters adversely impact an existing boiler plant? What causes reverse flow at thermostatic mixing valves? Why most hot water recirculation systems do not perform? How pitting can form in copper tubing? What is the maximum recommended velocity for copper tubing? (It’s lower than you think.) How to prevent Legionella disease? Why domestic water storage tanks are the ideal breeding ground for Legionella bacteria? Why do some heaters fail soon after startup? What causes heaters to be undersized? What the pressure forces in a water heater are?If you use this chapter you will spend less than two cups of coffee to avoid $2000.00 or much, much more of headaches and costs!