Lessons Earned: AHU & Fans

    Lessons Earned: AHU & Fans
Authors Charles Gonnermann Jr.,Charles Gonnermann III
Year 2013
Publication Charles H. Gonnermann, Jr.; 1 edition (July 31, 2013)
Pages 65 pages
Size 1515 KB
Format EPUB
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This Air Handling Units and Fans chapter focuses on solving performance problems in HVAC construction while providing a “How To” approach to avoid problems in the first place. This chapter is a compilation of decades of experiences from dozens of individuals and firms that represents all aspects of the business of designing and installing systems and figuring out why sometimes they don’t work as expected.This chapter includes illustrations, drawings and photographs. It will help your business if you buy it, read it and apply it.Problems with air handling units and fans are covered and a logical thought process designed to achieve project objectives is provided that enables the solution of each problem. These topics are not included in design manuals.You need this chapter if you can’t answer the following: What is the difference between forward-curved and backward-inclined fans? Which is non-overloading? What are the “Fan Laws”? What is the “Usual Suspect” when a fan does not perform? How does moisture form on final filters? When should mold be expected in an air handling unit? Why do some filters clog rapidly? If RPM increases 10%, how much does BHP increase? Why does oversizing a cooling system produce a bad outcome? How do you clean a 10 row coil that is clogged?If you can use this you will be spending less than $0.20 per page to avoid $2000.00 or much, much more of headaches!