Handbook of Elasticity Solutions

    Handbook of Elasticity Solutions
Authors Mark L. Kachanov,B. Shafiro
Year 2013
Publication Springer; 2004 edition (March 9, 2013)
ISBN 9781402014727
Pages 324 pages
Size 3498 KB
Format EPUB
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This handbook is a collection of elasticity solutions. Many of the results presented here cannot be found in textbooks and are available in scientific articles only. Some of them were obtained in the closed form quite recently. The solutions have been thoroughly checked and reduced to a "user friendly" form. Every effort has been made to keep the book free of misprints. The theory of elasticity is a mature field and a large number of solutions are available. We had to make choices in selecting material for this book. The emphasis is made on results relevant to general solid mechanics and materials science applications. Solutions related to structural mechanics (beams, plates, shells, etc.) are left out. The content is limited to the linear elasticity.