Fault Finding – Wet Central Heating Systems Domestic (Gas Installer Series – Domestic)

    Fault Finding – Wet Central Heating Systems Domestic (Gas Installer Series – Domestic)
Authors Mike Heads,Graham Elkins
Year 2012
Publication CORGI Direct; 1 edition (April 2, 2012)
Pages 99 pages
Size 22149 KB
Format EPUB
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Aimed at the UK heating engineer this Gas Installer manual looks at fundamental fault finding on domestic wet central heating systems. Central heating and hot water systems are such an ‘everyday’ convenience in today’s homes that understandably they rarely get a second thought by customer’s until they go wrong. Like anything that man builds, from time-to-time components will fail, systems will break or the systems existence will be announced via strange and often loud noises.When this happens, customer’s will often turn to their local engineer for help, usually when the system is most needed i.e. depths of winter. Knowing how common problems occur and what the likely causes are will greatly assist competent operatives in swiftly diagnosing the fault, locating the cause of the fault and of course, correcting the fault so that the system returns to its unobtrusive role.This manual then provides the reader with general information on basic fault finding principles; how to use a logical approach, ensuring safety, undertaking electrical checks and testing using manufacturer’s wiring diagrams, etc. The manual looks at Honeywell ‘Y’ and ‘S’ plans, interchangeability guides, heating and hot water faults, stored and instantaneous hot water, central heating only, corrosion, circulating pumps, system design, compensators, optimisers, programmable room thermostats, ‘Smartfit’ and boiler faultfinding.A wide range of other technical publications can also be viewed in ‘Section 10 – CORGIdirect Publications’ of this manual, also via our catalogue and on-line at www.corgi-direct.com