Career as an Air Conditioning Technician

    Career as an Air Conditioning Technician
Authors Institute For Career Research
Year 2010
Publication Institute For Career Research (April 26, 2010)
Pages 24 pages
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If you are interested in a career that lets you use mechanical and problem-solving abilities, offers variety, good pay, job satisfaction and security, then consider air conditioning and refrigeration technology. As a trained worker in this field you will use your hands and your thinking skills to design, install, maintain and repair equipment and systems, large or small. At the most basic level, refrigeration and air conditioning are involved with heat, and its removal from objects or spaces. Essentially, you will be an energy worker, since heat is energy in transition, as a result of temperature difference. Air conditioning deals primarily with indoor environments for human beings and humidity-controlled environments for specialized processes. Refrigeration, on the other hand, deals with chillers and equipment used in commercial and industrial applications, dominated by the food handling industry. Both are technical branches of mechanical engineering. And talk about variety - these careers offer plenty! You may work alone, or be part of a team. You may work indoors or out; travel, or spend your time in a shop or office; be part of a corporation or a small business, or be self-employed. There is also variety in the level of skills or training required for various jobs. For example, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics need a year or less to learn entry-level skills for their jobs. If you want greater responsibility and higher earnings, you can pursue additional levels of training, advancing to engineering or management levels. There are many opportunities to learn the required skills, including apprenticeship, a combination of learning and on-the-job experience, for which you will be paid. The AC/Ref industry involves life-long learning, since technology is constantly evolving. Careerists who continue to increase their knowledge and skills will advance to supervisory, administrative, or engineering positions, managing indoor environments for private industry, educational or government building complexes. Others may decide to launch a business of their own, whether as contractors or in the service industry.This new Careers Ebook contains a wealth of unbiased information about a career as an air conditioning technician, based on the latest national surveys. Careers Ebooks cover attractive and unattractive sides, opportunities, education necessary, personal qualifications required, earnings, descriptions of different job specialties, first person accounts by those in the field, and how to get started; including practical advice on what to do now. There are live links to schools and colleges, associations, periodicals and other sources of reliable information.