Download Book The Neglected Sun: Why the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe

    The Neglected Sun: Why the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe
Authors Sebastian Luning,Fritz Vahrenholt
Year 2015
Publication The Heartland Institute; 2d English edition edition (June 3, 2015)
ISBN 9781934791547
Pages 373 pages
Size 8262 KB
Format EPUB
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The effect of the sun’s activity on climate change has been either scarcely known or overlooked. In this momentous book – first published in German as Die kalte Sonne in 2012 – Professor Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning demonstrate that the critical cause of global temperature change has been, and continues to be, the sun’s activity. Vahrenholt and Lüning reveal that four concurrent solar cycles master Earth’s temperature – a climate reality upon which man’s carbon emissions bear little significance. The sun’s present cooling phase, precisely monitored in this work, renders impossible the catastrophic prospects put forward by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the alarmist agenda dominant in contemporary Western politics.