Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 2E

    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, 2E
Authors S.N. Sapali
Year 2014
Publication PHI (May 1, 2014)
ISBN 9788120348721
Pages 592 pages
Size 67719 KB
Format EPUB
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This book in its second edition gives a comprehensive study of concepts and techniques involved in refrigeration and air conditioning. The text commences with an introduction to the fundamentals of thermodynamics and a brief treatment of the various methods of refrigeration. The book gives a detailed analysis of air refrigeration systems, vapour compression and vapour absorption refrigeration systems with special emphasis on developing sound physical concepts and gaining problem-solving skills. The new edition comes with a new chapter on Food Preservation, and new sections on vortex tube, solar refrigeration and magnetic refrigeration. The book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Mechanical, Automobile and Chemical Engineering.