Download Book The Sovereign Democratic Majority: Reconquering the American Frontier

    The Sovereign Democratic Majority: Reconquering the American Frontier
Authors CP McCollum
Year 2014
Publication Oakshade LLC (April 9, 2014)
ISBN 9781497595712
Pages 361 pages
Size 4330 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Who owns America? Do elitists and political rulers own the nation, or do the common people? We as a nation were brought up to believe that 'We The People' were the sovereign owners of the nation, and that meant we use our voice to call the shots, so the politicians are supposed to do what we demand. America is just now waking to the reality of the matter, which is that we are being conquered from within, and the common people's voice is increasingly being marginalized in the nation we inherited from our fore-bearers, which was supposed to be ours in perpetuity.'The Sovereign Democratic Majority' describes the process which people are naturally inclined to use for deliberation and establishing the rules for governing civilization. It is a coming of age system which describes tools for taking back, or 'reconquering' our nation from those who say it now belongs to the 'New World Order'; giving it back to the people, who are the original and rightful owners.Although new and unexplored, it is a paradigm shift in thought and the philosophy of civilization, which offers the promise for renewal as current Democratic and Republican systems around the globe face untenable debt, loss of sovereignty, and failure. It foretells and describes an awakening of people as individuals and nations realize that civilization is only about and for them, and not the global money interests, or rulers. It describes the falling away of obsolete political systems along with politicians, with the rise of the rule of the common man.