Download Book A+ Guide To Great Grades

    A+ Guide To Great Grades
Authors Louise Colligan
Year 2011
Publication Telemachus Press, LLC (December 8, 2011)
ISBN 9781937387891
Pages 114 pages
Size 284 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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The new and improved A+ Guide to Great Grades has been updated for today’s middle graders who are under more pressure than ever to succeed at school. Louise Colligan-- “Mizz C.” as she is known on her web site--is a former middle school teacher, study skills, SAT testing, and writing coach. She takes the pressure off students by gently guiding them through the ins and outs of the challenging middle grades. She offers her tween readers the latest in study skills and organizing tips that will last them through all their school years. The A+ Guide to Good Grades shows students: How organize their school lives, from time management to locker management and everything in between.How to equip themselves for school with and without the latest technology. How to listen for important information and take useful notes. How to memorize any information.How to plan ahead and tackle homework day by day and still have time to relax.How to read a textbook and fiction.How to prepare for tests and take them without meltdowns.How to develop healthy sleep, eating, and exercise habits to generate the high energy today’s students need to tackle homework, class work, and all those after-school activities. How to manage technology so they don’t manage the student!How to focus and deal with distractions. How to avoid procrastination.How to get on any teacher’s good side.Checklists and in-book quizzes help students identify their learning styles, their strengths, and their habits that might need a little work. Real students who survived middle school and lived to tell about it answer questions from new middle graders who want to learn the ropes.