Download Book Lilith #1 Portuguese Version: The Beast Within (Portuguese Edition)

    Lilith #1 Portuguese Version: The Beast Within (Portuguese Edition)
Authors Christopher John Scruton
Year 2016
Publication Anarchy Brothers Press (November 1, 2016)
Pages 25 pages
Size 10086 KB
Language Portuguese
Format EPUB
Price 3 $ 0.6 $ Ben discount


In a town called Twin Lakes in Colorado in the year 1987, a sheep rancher and his son find one of their animals slaughtered. They find a blood trail leading towards a cave. They hear the sound of a wolf, and the rancher’s son accidentally shoots it. However, it is not a wolf at all, but a man. A few weeks later the injured man is treated for his wounds, but was placed into a mental asylum to make sure that he is in no a danger to himself or others. He is later called John Doe because of his lack of identity. Lily, who works as a recepitionist at the mental asylum and is studying for her doctrine, is asked to speak with John Doe. The only language he speaks is German and Lily is quite fluent in that language. John Doe puts her through a journey in which she will know about her family’s past and herself.