Download Book minecraft books:Where is Ender's Brother ?

    minecraft books:Where is Ender's Brother ?
Authors Minecraftworlds
Year 2015
Pages 19 pages
Size 4158 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Have you ever thought you knew or saw something but found out later it was not true? In this fun story, Steve is contacted by his best friend, Ender, to help him find his younger brother, William. When Steve arrives at Ender's house, the two boys ask a neighbor if he has seen William but he has not. They check the living room, outside, and in the tree house, but the boy is nowhere to be found. When they hear a window close and go up to William's bedroom, Ender realizes he missed an important clue looking for his brother. This quick tale targeting nine-year-old and above readers promotes observing and thinking before jumping to wrong conclusions. Great book for Kids