Download Book Better Backbone Applications With MarionetteJS

    Better Backbone Applications With MarionetteJS
Authors Joseph Zimmerman,Smashing Magazine
Year 2014
Publication Smashing Magazine GmbH (September 2, 2014)
Pages 228 pages
Size 1267 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Backbone.js is a growing, popular library for building JavaScript-based web applications in a well-structured, organized and maintainable way, using patterns similar to MVC. If you already have a working knowledge of Backbone, it's now time to take your applications to the next level with MarionetteJS. The Backbone extension builds on top of Backbone’s event-driven architecture and adds a myriad of tools for building larger, more complex applications.To help you tap the full potential of Marionette in your next project, we created Better Backbone Applications with MarionetteJS. Filled with hands-on examples, the eBook guides you through the different components Marionette has to offer. Finally, to help you understand how these pieces fit together, a sample application demonstrates how Marionette could work for you. Written by Joseph Zimmerman and reviewed by the creator of MarionetteJS, Derick Bailey.- Introduction- Chapter 1: Application- Chapter 2: Modules- Chapter 3: Views- Chapter 4: ItemView- Chapter 5: CollectionView- Chapter 6: CompositeView- Chapter 7: Region and Layout- Chapter 8: Events, Commands, and Requests and Responses- Chapter 9: AppRouter- Chapter 10: Controller- Chapter 11: Introducing Our Example Application- Chapter 12: Decisions and Setups- Chapter 13: Building a Foundation- Chapter 14: Managing Data- Chapter 15: The Home Screen- Chapter 16: The Quiz Creator- Chapter 17: Taking and Reviewing Quizzes- Additional Resources