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    Outside Perfect
Authors P.M. Cruz
Year 2012
Pages 412 pages
Size 929 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Outside Perfect is the story of Sarita Patel’s final year of high school at Trinity Lutheran College, a demanding, ultra-religious private school in Brisbane. A serial high achiever coming from a small-town public school, Sarita revels in her new private-school status and expects to fly through Grade 12 at Trinity as breezily as her previous years at school. But even though she makes new friends easily and finally lives in the right part of town, it doesn’t take long for Sarita to realise she isn’t as exceptional as she once thought, doesn’t fit into Trinity as readily as she’d foreseen and even her academic virtues aren’t as virtuous as she’d believed.In order to prove to herself as much as to anyone else she belongs amongst Trinity’s intellectual elite, she becomes obsessed with trying to achieve the Holy Grail of academic validation in Queensland for school leavers: an OP1. Although Sarita works tirelessly in pursuit of her goal and begins to see results, something just isn’t right. The harder she works, the less she can see the point of what she’s doing. She knows she can never measure up to the likes of Chloe Weber, Trinity’s perfect school captain whose stellar academic record is actually exceeded by her extra-curricular achievements. And although she knows her crush on Trinity’s hottest athlete can only end in tears, she can’t help falling for him anyway. To top it all off, an unexpected visitor forces her to start asking questions about her family, the one aspect of her life she thought couldn’t be shaken.Sarita knows she has to face up to her problems sooner rather than later and figure out how she can survive the year in spite of everything – including the battle with her own head.