Download Book Lea, Native Princess

    Lea, Native Princess
Authors COl. Chuck Sanders
Year 2012
Publication Col CHuck Sanders; 1 edition (March 16, 2012)
Pages 220 pages
Size 704 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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This book is based on historical fact. It is about a woman who grew up in a tribal community on a island in the middle of the pacific. Life was good in their world and then one day their world was turned upside down as pirates invaded them, destroyed their island paradise and took Lea captive and because of her extreme beauty they sold her into prostitution in Asia. Lea became so popular that the her owner feared for his safety so he sent her to Europe by ship. The ships Captain falls in love with her and he wins her in a card game. He teaches her reading writing and math and she learns to play piano. martial arts and cooking. Her notoriety becomes so profound that the ships Captain and her split up and she becomes a ships Captain in her own right, something totally unprecadented at the time. Her ultimate goal through all her trials and tribulations is to reestablish her Island Paradise. She learns this is not possible as people are greedy and need to be in charge instead of live peacefully together sharing everything. It delves into her battles, personal conflicts, sexual escapades and every facet of her life. I the author gave her life but she takes on her own persona as it is written I personally felt like a medium for Lea!