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    Io and Pi
Authors Jim Euclid
Year 2011
Pages 44 pages
Size 185 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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“What use is it when a neighbour on one side is starving and the other is feuding? Can your numbers help them, Pythagoras? By your silence I deem that your numbers are as impotent as the stars. Sure you may tell me that such mysteries can unlock the secrets of atoms, but what about the human heart? What magic is there that can be opened with a peaceful word, a loving gesture, a look of love? Tell me, Pythagoras of these things as well as your mathematics.”'Io and Pi' is a play about Greece’s most famous mathematician Pythagoras and his brief stay on the island of Samos in 529 BC, where he meets the beautiful Io, a village girl whose understanding of mysticism challenges Pythagoras previously held assumptions about humanity.