Download Book Do You Know What You Don't Know? and What it Costs You

    Do You Know What You Don't Know? and What it Costs You
Authors Robert Gordman and Ellen Gordman
Year 2009
Publication Business Solutions Press; First Edition edition (May 9, 2009)
ISBN 9780979907814
Pages 44 pages
Size 290 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Every single day businesses and individuals fail because they don't understand the unknown unknowns. This book shows how to get the answers when you don't know the questions to ask. You ll learn the three states of knowing and how to avoid the trap of the unknown unknowns by asking the right people the right questions, while feeling clever, competent, and managerial. You'll discover ways to focus your energy to figure out what you don' t know by digging deeper into pertinent facts and numbers and techniques to determine what s critical to your personal success and the success of your business. In these uncertain economic times, you'll learn what happens when boards of directors and CEOs don't know what they don't know about their companies.