Download Book 100 Top Secret Cleaning Tips & Tricks

    100 Top Secret Cleaning Tips & Tricks
Authors Tony Newton
Year 2013
Publication Tony Newton (February 28, 2013)
Pages 40 pages
Size 101 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Do you feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to juggle working, raising a family, and keeping on top of household chores? Maintaining a clean home can require a great deal of time and effort but the right knowledge can be the best timesaver!Discover effective and efficient ways to keep your home gleaming without breaking the bank, lugging multiple bottles of cleaners around the house and filling your home with intolerable chemical fumes. Most of the helpful hints provided in this book use natural products which are already in your kitchen cupboards helping you to cut your cleaning costs without compromising on the results. With the help of the hints and tips in this book cleaning will no longer be a chore. The tried and tested methods in this book will enable you to spend less of your valuable free time cleaning your home and more time enjoying it. Discover secret cleaning tips including:-Natural stain removers-Restoring shine to laminate flooring-Cleaning venetian blinds-The trick to smear free windows-Making your own natural air fresheners-Saving money on expensive washing powdersAnd much much moreWhy spend more time than necessary cleaning, learn how to clean your home more efficiently, leaving you with more time for the finer things in life.