Download Book Clearing Clutter - Live a Clutter Free Life at Home and at the Office! (Improve Your Life Now Series Book 4)

    Clearing Clutter - Live a Clutter Free Life at Home and at the Office! (Improve Your Life Now Series Book 4)
Authors Barry Trinet
Year 2014
Publication Shaharm Publications (December 8, 2014)
Pages 50 pages
Size 1363 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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Are you buried under a mountain of clutter? This book can help!Many of us deal with clutter and it can have a profound effect on our life. Not only can it affect our health and make us sick, it can also affect our mental and emotional health as well. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to clear the clutter and this book helps you to see what needs to be done in clear, easy-to-understand instructions.We will review information about clutter, including how to identify your clutter type and what to do to get started. We are also going to review the following information in great detail…1. Are You Buried under a Mountain of Clutter? - When you find yourself buried under clutter, this chapter can help you to dig your way out!2. How Does Clutter Affect Us? - Understanding how clutter affects us can make it easy to see why you need to remove it from your life once and for all.3. The Benefits of Living Clutter Free - The benefits of removing clutter are not only felt physically, they are experienced in your mental and emotional faculties as well.4. Identifying Your Clutter Type - There are many different types of clutter personalities. Which type are you?5. Where to Begin – Getting Started on the Right Foot - Starting the de-cluttering project is one of the most difficult parts of organizing your life. This chapter shows you how to get started properly.6. Five Clutter Busting Strategies You Should Know - These top strategies can assist you in getting started and finishing successfully with your de-cluttering project.7. Staying Motivated When Clearing Clutter - When you are lacking in motivation, this chapter can help you to get going and to stick to it!8. Cleaning the Hidden Areas of the Home - Not all clutter is in the open but it can still affect you, unless you care for it properly!10. What to Do with Your Stuff - Don’t get overwhelmed with the stuff that you are cleaning. Use these methods to clear it from your life once and for all!11. Turn Your Clutter into Cash - Could you use some extra cash? Your clutter removal project can fill your pockets if you use the information in this chapter.12. Joining a Clutter Challenge - Accountability and motivation are some of the benefits that you will receive when you join a clutter challenge.13. Dealing with Electronic Clutter - What can you do about electronic clutter? This chapter helps you to remove it from your life as well!14. Maintaining Your Clutter Free Lifestyle - Once you are clutter free, how can you maintain that lifestyle? This chapter answers it in easy-to-understand terms.And much, much more…It’s time for you to gain control of your life again and to remove the clutter that is causing you difficulties. It doesn’t matter if it is a mild case of clutter or if you are a hoarder, you will find this publication to be the answer that you need.Download this book today and you can be clutter free in no time!