Download Book Adventures with Google Books Fashion and Sewing

    Adventures with Google Books  Fashion and Sewing
Authors Stephen Henry Huff
Year 2013
Pages 125 pages
Size 370 KB
Language English
Format EPUB
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This is one of a series of very short booklets or pamphlets to help people find public domain books available from Google Books. Each consists of a description of an extensive search through Google Books on the topic covered. The kind of results discovered, the search terms used, difficulties and problems encountered are described. Many authors and titles discovered in the search are discussed. A description of the quantity and type of material available is provided. It is quite possible that more books have been added since I did this survey of available literature and some may have been removed due to copyright issues. In addition, the same search does not always bring up the same results. If you are interested in the subject covered you probably need this pamphlet.The pamphlet consists of front matter which is the same in each pamphlet. This material is useful to those unfamiliar with Google Books. If you have purchased other pamphlets in the series, you may just ignore this material. If you have not, then you should probably read it. The last section in the pamphlet is the search description and ideas for the subject of the pamphlet. The search information centers on books in English. Upon occasion, books in other languages will be interesting or important enough to be listed or mentioned. These pamphlets should be of great assistance to persons interested in the subject material covered.