Download Book Abrams' Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for Nursing Practice, 12th Edition

    Abrams' Clinical Drug Therapy: Rationales for Nursing Practice, 12th Edition
Authors Geralyn Frandsen, Sandra S. Pennington
Year 2020
Publication Wolters Kluwer Health
ISBN 9781975136130, 9781975155766
Edition 12
Language English
Format EPUB + Converted PDF
Price $6 $1.2 Ben discount


Trusted by generations of nursing students and practicing nurses alike for its clear organization and approachable presentation, Abrams' Clinical Drug Therapy, Twelfth Edition continues a long tradition of guiding students and instructors through the practice of safe and effective medication administration. Expert pharmacology educators and clinicians explain the "why" behind each nursing action and emphasize individualized nursing care and drug therapy to promote optimal outcomes in every care setting. Filled with case studies, concept maps, and other engaging features, this updated edition establishes a solid foundation for understanding clinical drug therapy, reflects the latest evidence-based standards for administration, and details how to prevent or minimize adverse effects. A robust suite of online resources complements the text to guide students to success throughout their courses, NCLEX® exams, and nursing careers. Create Your Ideal Course with These Additional Solutions! CoursePoint Combining the world-class content of Abrams' Clinical Drug Therapy, Twelfth Edition, Lippincott®'s innovative PrepU adaptive learning tools, and engaging multimedia learning resources in one easy-to-use digital environment, Lippincott® CoursePoint transforms the teaching and learning experience, making the full spectrum of nursing education more approachable than ever for you and your students. Meet the needs of every student, create an active learning environment, and save time at every step in your course with: A rich, interactive learning environment available anytime, anywhere Watch & Learn Videos, Concepts in Action Animations, adaptive quizzing, and journal articles Comprehensive reporting on student progress Personalized remediation and reinforcement CoursePoint+ The same trusted solution, innovation, and unmatched support that you have come to expect from Lippincott® CoursePoint+ is now enhanced with more engaging learning tools and deeper analytics to help prepare students for practice. This powerfully integrated, digital learning solution combines learning tools, case studies, virtual simulation, real-time data, and the most trusted nursing education content on the market to make curriculum-wide learning more efficient and to meet students where they're at in their learning. And now, it's easier than ever for instructors and students to use, giving them everything they need for course and curriculum success! Lippincott® CoursePoint+ includes: Engaging course content provides a variety of learning tools to engage students of all learning styles. A more personalized learning approach gives students the content and tools they need at the moment they need it, giving them data for more focused remediation and helping to boost their confidence and competence. Powerful tools, including varying levels of case studies, interactive learning activities, and adaptive learning powered by PrepU, help students learn the critical thinking and clinical judgment skills to help them become practice-ready nurses. Unparalleled reporting provides in-depth dashboards with several data points to track student progress and help identify strengths and weaknesses. Unmatched support includes training coaches, product trainers and nursing education consultants to help educators and students implement CoursePoint with ease.