Download Book The Practice of Engineering Dynamics - Original PDF

    The Practice of Engineering Dynamics - Original PDF
Authors Ronald J. Anderson
Year 2020
Publication Wiley
ISBN 9781119053705, 9781119053682 , 9781119053699
Edition 1
Language English
Format Original PDF
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The Practice of Engineering Dynamics is a textbook thattakes a systematic approach to understanding dynamic analysis ofmechanical systems. It comprehensively covers dynamic analysis ofsystems from equilibrium states to non-linear simulations andpresents frequency analysis of experimental data. It divides thepractice of engineering dynamics into three parts: Part 1 -Modelling: Deriving Equations of Motion; Part 2 - Simulation: Usingthe Equations of Motion; and Part 3- Experimental Frequency DomainAnalysis. This approach fulfils the need to be able to derive theequations governing the motion of a system, to then use theequations to provide useful design information, and finally to beable to analyze experimental data measured on dynamic systems. The Practice of Engineering Dynamics includes end ofchapter exercises and is accompanied by a website hosting asolutions manual.