Download Book The Psychologist's Guide to Professional Development :

    The Psychologist's Guide to Professional Development :
Authors Greg Bohall, Mary-Jo Bautista
Year 2017
ISBN 9783319630120, 9783319630137
Format PDF
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This essential career guide equips new professionals and doctoral students with a robust foundation for a long and satisfying career in psychology and other behavioral health professions. Taking a proactive intervention prevention approach to career planning and building, contributors offer accessible guidelines and advice in core areas such as specialization and niche specialties, the market for services, cultural competence, ethically and legally sound practice, and personal competencies including self-care, the degree-to-career transition, and financial planning. The editors also break down the mental health field into discrete disciplines, each with its own trajectory for its future relevance and sustainability. By bringing this wide range of career information together, this book helps to set much-needed standards for professional development in a demanding, diversifying, and evolving field.              Featured in the coverage:  ·         The personal development foundation.·         Professional relationships and the art of networking.·         The clinical credentialing process.·         Clinical, educational, and administrative supervision.·         The curriculum vitae and professional marketing.·         The early career professional advantage. The Psychologist’s Guide to Professional Development serves as an invaluable text for professional development courses in the fields of psychology, counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, as well as a trusted mentor-between-covers for the long term.