Download Book The Neil Simon Collection - Audiobook

    The Neil Simon Collection - Audiobook
Authors Neil Simon, Dan Castellaneta, Nathan Lane, Richard Dreyfuss, Marsha Mason, Laura Linney, Eric Stoltz, Alfred Molina, full cast, L.A. Theatre Works
Year 2010
Publication L.A. Theatre Works
ISBN 9781580817899
Format MP3
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The essential works of the iconic American writer Neil Simon (born 1927), one of the world s most celebrated, translated, and widely performed playwrights, collected in three volumes. L.A. Theatre Works Neil Simon Collection Volume 1 includes the following star-studded full-cast recordings: Barefoot in the Park Starring: Eric Stoltz, Laura Linney, et al. Newlyweds move into a new apartment with no furniture, the wrong paint, leaking skylight and wacky neighbors! A classic comedy! The Odd Couple Starring: Nathan Lane, David Paymer, Dan Castellaneta, et al. Two legendarily mismatched roommates bring down the house in this classic comedy by America s most successful playwright. Plaza Suite Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Ed Asner, Hector Elizondo, Amy Irving, Marsha Mason, Alfred Molina, et al. Neil Simon s hilarious comedy follows three brief encounters in the same suite at the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City.