Download Book An Introduction to Drug Synthesis - Original PDF

    An Introduction to Drug Synthesis - Original PDF
Authors Graham Patrick
Year 2015
Publication Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780198708438, 9780191073472
Edition 1
Language English
Format Original PDF
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Introduction to Drug Synthesisnbsp;explores the central role played by organic synthesis in the process of drug design and development.Written by an experienced and talented author to complement his existingnbsp;Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry, the book illustrates how organic synthesis makes important contributions throughout the drug design and discovery process - from the generation of novel drug structures to the improved efficiency of large scale synthesis.Avoiding excessively detailed descriptions of the underlying synthetic pathways, the book focuses on how synthesis can be used in a strategic way - how and why different synthetic approaches are adopted, and the pros and cons of each.nbsp;With examples used extensively to illustrate the concepts presented,nbsp;Introduction to Drug Synthesisnbsp;is the ideal resource for any pharmaceutical or medicinal chemistry student who needs a thorough understanding of how the concepts of organic synthesis are applied to the development of therapeutic drugs.