Download Book OSCEs for Intensive Care Medicine - Original PDF

    OSCEs for Intensive Care Medicine - Original PDF
Authors Peter Hersey, Laura O'Connor, Thomas E Sams, Jon Sturman
Year 2020
Publication Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780198824374, 9780192557735
Edition 1
Language English
Format Original PDF
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OSCEs for Intensive Care Medicine is a comprehensive revision resource for doctors preparing to take the Fellowship of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FFICM) and the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC).Written by a team of practicing intensive care consultants with extensive experience running a successful FFCIM course, this book features over 100 practice questions organised into eight mock OSCE exams and is mapped to both the FFCIM and CoBaTrICE curricula. Reflecting the real exams, they aredivided into stations on professionalism, data, resuscitation, and equipment, each of which are accompanied by further reading to ensure high-quality self-assessment.With hints and tips throughout to help candidates avoid common mistakes and misconceptions, this book is essential reading for any doctor preparing for the FFCIM or EDIC OSCE exams.