Download Book Essentials of Marketing Research, 5th Edition

    Essentials of Marketing Research, 5th Edition
Authors Joseph Hair, David Ortinau, Dana E. Harrison
Year 2020
Publication McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN 9781260260465, 9781260511765
Edition 5
Language English
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"First, in the last few years, data collection has migrated quickly to online approaches, and by 2019 represented more than 60 percent of all data collection methods. The movement to online methods of data collection has necessitated the addition of considerable new material on this topic. The chapters on sampling, measurement and scaling, questionnaire design, and preparation for data analysis all required new guidelines on how to deal with online related issues. Social media monitoring and marketing research online communities are expanding research methods and are addressed in our chapter on qualitative and observational research. Second, to enhance student analytical skills we added additional variables on social media activities to the continuing case on the Santa Fe Grill and Jose's Southwestern Café. Also, there is now a separate data set based on a survey of the employees of the Santa Fe Grill. Findings of the Santa Fe Grill customer and employee data sets are related and can be compared qualitatively to obtain additional insights. The competitor data for the continuing case enables students to make comparisons of customer experiences in each of the two restaurants and to apply their research findings in devising the most effective marketing strategies for the Santa Fe Grill. We also added a new data set in Chapter 13 on communicating marketing research findings. The data set reflects the attitudes and opinions of students in our classes about advertising and types of media"--