Download Book Economics, Illustrated Edition - Original PDF

    Economics, Illustrated Edition - Original PDF
Authors David King
Year 2012
Publication Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780199543021, 9780191665806
Language English
Format Original PDF
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What sorts of people are unemployed and why?How safe are banks?Should we aim to have no pollution?Why do wages vary so much?Are you interested in debating the answers to these sorts of questions? This book is.Student understanding of economic theory is reinforced throughout this textbook by placing their experiences at the heart of learning. Easy to follow concepts are presented at an appropriate pace, and in a relevant and engaging manner.Students can easily dip in and out of the material without forfeiting their understanding of topics as a whole through the use of innovative pedagogy such as regular re-cap features and convenient summary sections.Covering purely the essential topics needed on an introductory economics module, Economics is refreshingly straightforward with concise explanations and clear navigation throughout. Students do not have to waste time and effort wading through superfluous material.More concise, focussed, and affordable than other offerings, this is exactly the textbook students' need.A truly economical textbook!Accompanied by an Online Resource Centre comprising:For students:* MCQs* Oxford NewsNow* Web links,* Flashcard glossaryFor lecturers:* Test bank* Customisable PowerPoint slides