Download Book Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches, 8th Edition

    Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches, 8th Edition
Authors Christopher Cochrane
Year 2016
Publication Nelson College Indigenous
ISBN 9780176582951, 9780176757724 , 9780176767730, 0176767738, 9780176757731, 0176757732
Edition 8
Language English
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For over 30 years, Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches has engaged students in the history and debates of the Canadian political environment. The country has changed a great deal over these past decades; however, Canada's political institutions have not. The relative stability of political institutions in the face of rapidly changing social, economic, and international environments is an enduring theme of Canadian politics. With the most recent election, the federal government laid out an ambitious agenda of political reform. Among other changes, the new government has pledged to reform the House of Commons, the senate, and the way votes are counted and seats are allocated in elections. This text provides readers with the tools and background knowledge to help them think seriously and critically about these and many other questions that Canada now faces.This text places its major focus between the two parts of the Canadian political system: its "environment" and its institutions. Students will be deeply engaged in the clash of interests from which Canadian political activity has stemmed, and will be equally fascinated by topics related to political culture, the mass media, public opinion, elections, and advocacy groups that will introduce them to the vibrant and dynamic world of Canadian politics. This new eighth edition of Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches seeks to make informed critics of its readers by presenting the relevant, challenging concepts of Canada's political system with a balanced and engaging account of both political institutions and social influencers.