Download Book Psychometrics: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

    Psychometrics: An Introduction, 3rd Edition
Authors R. Michael Furr (Author)
Year 2017
Publication AGE Publications
ISBN 9781506339863, 9781506339870 , 9781544304953, 9781544304946
Edition 3
Language English
Format Original PDF (without Bookmarks)
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Using a meaning-based approach that emphasizes the "why" over the "how to," Psychometrics: An Introduction provides thorough coverage of fundamental issues in psychological measurement. Author R. Michael Furr discusses traditional psychometric perspectives and issues including reliability, validity, dimensionality, test bias, and response bias as well as advanced procedures and perspectives including item response theory and generalizability theory. The substantially updated Third Edition includes broader and more in-depth coverage with new references, a glossary summarizing over 200 key terms, and expanded suggested readings consisting of highly relevant papers to enhance the book's overall accessibility, scope, and usability for both instructors and students. Online Resources Free PowerPoint® slides for instructors are available with this text. Contact your rep to learn more.