Download Book Media Freedom Under the Human Rights Acts, Third Impression Edition

    Media Freedom Under the Human Rights Acts, Third Impression Edition
Authors Helen Fenwick (Author), Gavin Phillipson (Author)
Year 2006
Publication OUP Oxford
ISBN 9780406942890
Edition 3
Language English
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Media Freedom under the Human Rights Act provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the impact of Article 10 ECHR, as received through the Human Rights Act 1998, on the substantive law governing freedom of expression in the media.Fully up to date, the book provides extensive coverage of crucial recent developments in this field; these include: the key cases of Ashworth and Punch in the area of contempt; the ground-breaking privacy decisions in Von Hannover v Germany and Campbell v MGN; full consideration of theoreticalapproaches to explicit speech and blasphemy, including a detailed critique of Strasbourg case-law in the area; detailed discussion of the new offence of incitement to religious hatred; the new scheme for content regulation of broadcasting under the Communications Act 2003 in the light of ProlifeAlliance; a full survey of recent domestic and Strasbourg caselaw in the areas of copyright and political defamation, and analysis of the early impact of the Freedom of Information Act.The authors - both leading academics in the field - have drawn on significant comparative decisions to formulate a coherent and provocative critique of the relationship between media law and freedom of expression, and suggested principles which make a significant contribution to the legal discoursesurrounding media freedom in the Human Rights Act era.The result is a book which provides a scholarly and theoretically informed analysis of this very topical subject, of interest to those studying at all levels and practising in this area of law.