Download Book Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art Volume II Volume. 2 Edition

    Aesthetics: Lectures on Fine Art Volume II Volume. 2 Edition
Authors G. W. F. Hegel (Author), T. M. Knox (Translator)
Year 1998
Publication Clarendon Press
ISBN 9780198238171, 9780198238164
Edition 2
Language English
Format Original PDF (without Bookmarks)
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In his Aesthetics Hegel gives full expression to his seminal theory of art. He surveys the history of art from ancient India, Egypt, and Greece through to the Romantic movement of his own time, criticizes major works, and probes their meaning and significance; his rich array of examples givesbroad scope for his judgement and makes vivid his exposition of his theory.The substantial Introduction is Hegel's best exposition of his general philosophy of art, and provides the ideal way into his Aesthetics. In Part I he considers the general nature of art: he distinguishes art, as a spiritual experience, from religion and philosophy; he discusses the beauty of artand differentiates it from the beauty of nature; and he examines artistic genius and originality. Part II provides a sort of history of art, divded into three periods called Symbolic (India, Persia, Egypt), Classical (Greece), and Romantic (medieval and post-medieval up to the end of the eighteenthcentury). Part III deals individually with architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and literature.