Download Book Canadian Income Taxation, 2020/2021

    Canadian Income Taxation, 2020/2021
Authors William Buckwold (Author), Joan Kitunen (Author), Matthew Roman
Year 2020
Publication McGraw-Hill Ryerson
ISBN 9781260060409 , 9781260339581
Language English
Format Original PDF (without Bookmarks)
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Just as bridges connect parts of Canada together, Canadian Income Taxation: Planning and Decision Making connects tax law and its application, to business and investment transactions and decision making. The 2020-2021 Edition of Buckwold/Kitunen/Roman maintains its highly readable student friendly format and full coverage of the CPA competency map without compromising the planning content needed for professional exams. The changes to this edition continue to broaden the subject base and provide current updates, ensuring complete coverage of the taxation competencies in the 2020 Competency Map, issued in December 2019. A new online appendix covering Data Analytics as it relates to taxation has been added.