Download Book Pharmaceutical Marketing - Original PDF

    Pharmaceutical Marketing - Original PDF
Authors Brent L Rollins; Matthew Perri
Year 2013
Publication Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN 9781449697990, 9781284190236 , 9781449626594
Edition 1
Language English
Format Original PDF
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Pharmaceutical Marketing will provide students and new industry professionals with a thorough overview of the general principles of marketing including marketing as a process, marketing effectives in the pharmaceutical environment, and coverage of marketing brand and generic drugs with special emphasis on direct-to-consumer advertising and the impact of social media and technology.Two unique chapters of the text are Chapter 10 Social Media, which addresses exactly what Social Media is, how it is currently being used within the industry, and how it should be used from the manufacturer's perspective; and Chapter 11 The New 4 P's of Pharmaceutical Marketing takes a unique look at how the Internet and mobile technology has shaped the pharmaceutical industry and shifted the promotion paradigm to these current "P's" - Predictive modeling/analysis, Personalization, Peer-to-peer networking and Participation.Pharmaceutical Marketing examines the current pharmaceutical marketing environment from both an academic and practical perspective with a focus on providing practical applications of all material discussed according to the perspectives of various market segments including industry, community, and institutional pharmacy, as well as the practicing pharmacist.